Current Projects

Refugee Youth Project currently runs projects, in Lebanon, London and Nepal.

Project Philosophy

Refugee Youth Project works in partnership with community based organizations to increase local capacity to respond to the educational, recreational and support needs of young refugees and asylum seekers.

The involvement of young refugees and asylum seekers in project design, implementation and evaluation is fundamental to Refugee Youth Project’s work. We ensure young refugees’ involvement by providing opportunities for them to express their wishes, such as establishing young person’s committees which meet regularly to plan activities and to suggest improvements.

Future Projects

Refugee Youth Project is a very young organisation which was established in 2004. We are run almost exclusively by a team of committed volunteers, most of whom work or study full time. Over the coming years, we hope to be able to work in partnership with new organisations to deliver services to young refugees in the UK and overseas. Please contact us if you have suggestions for any further collaborative work.